Canotajes Orteguaza San Antonio

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Corregimiento de San Antonio de Atenas (9 km desde la vía al Aeropuerto).
Mario Calderón
(+57) 310 378 9922
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The tour begins in Florencia city and finish at the Inspection of San Antonio of Athens. A distance of 14 kilometers, then, it embarks in the ravine the Culebra and downstream by the River Orteguaza, becomes the first stop in the Cave of Venus observe Pictographs of Rock Art; it is followed by the rapids and streams of the river, we cross on the mainland the tunnel that has capriciously formed the waters of the ravine to sighted hundreds of birds, primates, meet the Emberá Chamí Resguardo, cross the river in tarabita and after three hours disembark at Playa El Sereno.

Costs include food, hydration, equipment, (tire type boat, helmet, life jacket), transportation, medical assistance card.

Departure is at approximately 8:00 a.m. and the return is at 5:00 p.m. The carrying capacity is maximum of twenty people.

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