Alto Fragua Indi-Wasi Natural National Park

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It is located in the best preserved zone in the east mountain rage (Cordillera oriental),also is found in the west of Caquetá, between San José de el Fragua and Belen de los Andaquies towns, the rivers "Pescado" and "Fragua Grande" lap this park.Its area comprises 77.336 hectares and its heights oscilate ranging 900 and 3,275 meters above the sea level.

About 35.000 native people -descendant from several ethnic groups-  live in this reserve,  On the one hand, it is possibe to find the migrant native people who came from the Amazon region in Peru and Ecuador. On the other hand, native people who lived since ancient times in the low part in Putumayo. These people are known as Mocoas, and some survivors from the "Andakies", combative natives who never accepted to be dominated by the spanish conquerors.

Besides of having a great natural diversity, the region has been considered the center of cultural diversity and environmental management since cultural patterns. Historically the foodhill region was a meeting point where came the native wisest men from Andean and Amazonian region, in order to share their knowledge about nature and how to manage the world.