Serranía de Los Churumbelos Auka-Wasi National Natural Park

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This place is an important passage of natural jungles and so relevant for the environmental preservation in Colombia. 

The "Serranía de Los Churumbelos" is a protected area of great biological value preserving ecosystems the Amazonian to high Andean forests. As well as being important for the conservation of biodiversity, here the cultural traditions of natives -Inganos- are protected. These people have a vast knowledge about the usage and effects of medicinal plants.

Description of the area

This National Park is located at the meeting point between the Central Mountain range, the "Cordillera Oriental", the Amazon, the Magdalena valley and the eastern slope of the Andes, becoming a group of natural forests of great importance for the conservation of the environment in the country.

The climatic, geological, biological and socio cultural characteristics of the national park "Serrania de los Churumbelos Auka-Wasi" make the region a place of special importance, not only because the protection of biodiversity but for the preservation of the traditions and culture of the indigenous people from this area.

Other factors that make the park "Serrania of the Churumbelos Auka-Wasi" an area of great meaning in a national and international level are: specific richness, the endangered and endemic species - species belonging to a specific ecosystem- registered in different groups of flora and fauna that belong to this area.

"Photographs: Parque Nacionales"