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  • Demonym: Albanes o albaneses
  • Other names: Fragua Chorroso
  • Total extension: 417 km2
  • Urban extension: 0,59 Km²
  • Rural extension: 416.41 Km² 
  • Altitude: 407 MASL
  • Average temperature: 82,4 Fº
  • Inhabitants:: 7,804 (urban 3,072 inhabitants and rural 4.732)
  • Date of Foundation: September 16, 1932
  • Reference distance: 74 Km to Florencia 

This territory is part of the Andean - Amazon subregion, and belongs to the sub-basins of the Fragua Chorroso and San Pedro rivers, tributaries of the Orteguaza River, and it goes to the Caquetá river, one of the main tributaries of the great Amazon River. Its municipal seat is located at an altitude of 407 above the level of the sea, with a temperature of 82,4 Fº, a relative humidity of 85.9% and sunshine of 1.445,9 average hours of sunshine a year. It borders to the North with the municipalities of San José de el Fragua and Belen de los Andaquies; to the West with the municipalities of San José del Fragua and Curillo; to the East with the municipality of Belen de los Andaquies; and to the South by the municipalities of Curillo and Valparaiso.


Albania has a minimum hotel offer because is a small town, the vast majority of people who visit the town stay in houses of relatives or friends; the amount of places to stay that exist serve travellers, transporters and visitors who remain in the town conducting explorations to soils, training, research, surveys for business reasons.


The municipality has an area of 3.958 hectares of natural forest intervened hills and low hills, as productive forest protection zone, and 2,330 hectares of natural forest intervened of alluvial plain (cananguchales).

Means of transport:

By air:

The nearest airport infrastructure is located in the city of Florencia.

By land:

The Rural Local road system has an extension of 172 km of the municipality, in which 40 kilometers have been a significant maintenance last year. This road network consists of axis roads of national, departmental and local urban and rural character. The road density including the urban sector is 0.42 kilometers of roads/square kilometer of territory and only the rural sector is 0.42, taking into account the population, road density in the first case is 0.014 km/capita, and in the second case is of 0.014 km / inhabitant.

Fun places to go in Albania

Bathing Area “La Raya”

Located at the kilometer “2” of the head-municipality, and it limits with Belen de los Andaquies town.

Ceiba Pentandra:

Located in the Dorado village at the kilometer “20” via Curillo town. It is considered as a part of the main cultural heritage. 

Los corrales

Located in the head-municipality just half kilometer from it. Its etymology comes from the lands adjacent and stables.  

Los Guayabales

It is called Guayabales because there are vast of Guava trees where it is located. You can get there via the kilometer “1” in the head-municipality.

Principal Park

Located in the heart of the town, it is visited for many people. It is a “take a break” space.