Cartagena del Chairá

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Date of Foundation:  January 01, 1966
Name of the / the founder (s):  ISIDRO PIMENTEL

The municipality of Cartagena del Chairá is located at the right bank of the Caguán River downstream, to the South of the Department of Caquetá, has an average altitude of 234 m asl. an average temperature of 25.8 ° C and annual average precipitation of 3.793 mm. average. Leaving the capital of the Department - Florence - which is located at a distance of 123 Km are the towns of Montanita and El Paujil, being this last 51 km. and El Paujil to Cartagena del Chairá 72 km. of which there are 20 paved and 52 in regular affirmed.

The municipality borders to the North with the municipalities of El Paujil, Doncello, Puerto Rico and San Vicente de el Caguán; to the East with the municipalities of San Vicente and Solano; to the South with the municipality of Solano and by the West with the municipalities of Solano and Montañita.

The total area of the municipality is 12.906,12 Km2 representing the 14.79% of the area of the Department, ranks third in extension between the 16 municipalities of Caquetá. Of the total area of the municipality, 1.45 km2 approximately belong to the urban area and 12.904,7 Km2 to the rural area.


Holder of a millenarian forest and a plains, Cartagena del Chairá is a town recognized by its rivers which are not only a hydrographic wealth but also a network of fluvial communication. Another attraction of Cartagena del Chairá is the lagoon of the sharpening steel where is the orchid

Means of communication:


Currently builds the 'Pacific' airfield in the village of Penas Coloradas, which seeks to reduce costs and time of transport towards the interior of the country and the capital of the Department.


The ground transportation provide their services businesses such as Transyari, Coomotor Florence Cootranscaqueta.


As regards inland waterways there are: Cootransfluvial del Caguán trails San Vicente, Puerto Rico, sacks, Penas Coloradas, eddies of the Caguán, Monserrate. Santo Domingo and red rocks. Another company is Cootranschaira with routes a: Rio Negro, La hacienda, backwaters, Nupias, Panama, La Redonda and Santa Fe del Caguán. These companies desembotellan the main villages along the Caguán River such as Fé, crystals, Peñas Blancas, Flanders, Cumarales, Las Animas, port camellias, eddies, Monserrate, Santo Domingo, El Guamá, penalties Rojas among others.