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  • Inhabitants: Moreliano
  • Area: 464.7 km2
  • Altitude: 258 m
  • Population: 3,767 inhabitants (1954 men and 1813 women) and 1,731 2,036 Rural Urban
  • Annual rainfall: 3795mm
  • Humidity: 92%
  • Average temperature: 24 ° C
  • Founded: September 10, 1922
  • Date chosen municipality: November 12, 1985
  • From Florence: 23km
  • Main rivers: Bodoquero and Fish
  • Main Quebradas: Aguas Caliente, La Raya, San Gil and Barrialosa


  • North: Municipality of Belen de los Andaquies
  • South: Municipality of Valparaiso and Milan
  • East: Municipalities of Florence and Milan
  • West: Municipality of Belen de los Andaquies

Communication channels:

The municipality of Morelia despite its strategic location has only land routes to the Marginal Jungle Highway or National Highway 65, this being the most important route and which communicates to the north with the city of Florence and to the south of Bethlehem Andaquíes.

Also further south it is connected to the town of Valparaiso and Solita by a secondary road which is paved only at a stretch.

The town offers a constant inter cab where most carriers are affiliated with the company Cootranscaqueta.


The municipality does not have air communication, all supported operations are performed in the Florence airport.


Although the town lies on the banks of river Bodoquero, this is not used as a means of communication because it does not have enough depth to carry out river operations, only used for fishing, tourism and recreation.