Cañón de Araracuara

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In the surrounding forests in the Ararauara Canyon, it is possible to find since huge felines and  anacondas -long snakes of more than ten meters of length-  until tiny species of animals like the "Mico león"  the smallest monkey around the planet (it is large as a fist). About the vegetation, this is typical of the Colombian Amazon jungle:enormous  trees, reeds , fungi and lichens. There was a remarkable time during the early 19th century when the industry was based on rubber and the plant that produces it, was intensively exploited in the area, bringing with it an important deterioration in the jungles belonging to this area.


This canyion is located in the low-middle of the Caquetá river, breaking the escarpment in Araracuara. The measures of the canyon are: six km length, eighty meters high and 30 meters in width. Towns near Puerto Santander and Araracuara. Capital cities like Florencia and Leticia are too far away.


Around 30 ° C (86° F).

General features

There are many interesting places to visit, for instance: Angostura, Yarí River, Ciudad de piedra (Stone City), and "Caño Caujil" (a sort of stream). It should be taken into account that in Araracuara airport, only lands one craft every week.

Fauna and flora

The fauna of this jungle region include several animals such as jaguars, pumas, tapirs, monkeys (like the famous "mico león"), deers, snakes, turtles and alligators. Also the rivers are plenty of fishing.

The flora is the typical from Amazon rainforest: we can find rubber trees, orchids, epiphytes, reeds and "quiches" (plants which contain fibres and from these, cords are fabricated) among others.


At this moment and unfortunately, there is not any infrastructure designed specially for lodging.

Some reccomendations

It is important to carry all the food you need. Also, take a first aid kit, mosquito repellent, comfortable and suitable clothing, if you are going to camp, take with you all the neccesary things.It is recommendable to carry a flashlight, batteries, and a camera. Finally, do not forget take care of nature and environment, do not contaminate water sources, and do throw any pieces of garbage.