El encanto Petroglyphs

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Not so far from Florencia, travelers can see the "Petroglifos del Encanto" (they are petroglyphs: symbols of human and animal figures chiseled on rocks). This big rock has one meter high and sixteen meters width. "Petroglifos del Encanto" are the evidence left by the pre-columbian native people.  There, in "El friso" it is possible to find many symbols -about animals, people and ancient life-. The relic was lapped by "Hacha" river until 1962.

Is it easy to get?

The petroglyphs are located in an old school called "Colegio Nacional La Salle" in Florencia, the capital city.

When is it possible to visit the petroglyphs?

It is reccomendable to check the schedule given by the guides.

How much does it cost?

If we want to visit this human heritage and appreciate its value it is impossible to assign an economical quantity.

What does the tour offer to the visitors?

It is very important to bear in mind that the guests be under the supervision of gides because the acces to some places is kind of difficult. Also there are places like "Cueva de Venus" (a cave) that is being studied and object of research and it is similar to the caves called "Chiriviquete".

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