Marco Polo Ferry: ecological river cruise

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Spring River Puerto Arango
Portal de turismo del Caquetá
(+57) 310 378 9922
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Marco Polo is a boat ferry that is anchored on the shore of the dock "Puerto Arango" on the left side of the "Orteguaza" river. This ferry transport people in river travels 25 Km downstream. Through this boat the tourists can practice ecological hiking, enjoy the sighting of birds, go camping historical discussions about the colonization in the forests, nautical and beach sports and also taste the delightful local cuisine.

How to get there:

At 12 Kilometers from the center of Florence and by the way that leads to the municipality of the Montañita, in the fluvial pier Puerto Arango on the banks of the Orteguaza River

"Photography: MCarvajal / FOTUR"

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